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South Coast Careers Network

Who is it for?

The South Coast Careers Network is for careers advisers and teachers working in schools, FE Colleges and Sixth Form Colleges. 

Network partners

What does the Network include?
Network Meetings

The network will meet four times a year at the University – October, January, March and June. At the meetings members will have the opportunity to network and discuss current issues. A guest speaker will also led a discussion on a relevant theme to the group.

Members will also be invited to our annual Teachers and Advisers Conference which is held in May.

Career Insight Days

The network will host a series of career insight days where speakers will be invited to discuss their career sector. Speakers will include representation from employers, Professional Bodies, Sector Skills Council etc.

Possible Career Insight Day include Social Work and Social Care, Teaching, Science, Technology and Maths Careers and IT.

LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn group will be available for members to join to discuss ideas and issues outside of the network meetings. Group members will also be share ideas, articles and events. 

Become a member

If you would like to join the South Coast Careers Network please complete the registration form

Meeting dates for 2015-16 will be sent to the network before the end of the academic year.