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5.3 Student Services

5.3 Policies and procedures relating to student services

The Academic Board has approved the University’s Admissions Policy which creates the framework for the admission of students their qualifications and the way in which information about applicants is managed.

Once students have accepted a place at the University, their application will be transferred to the Academic Registry, which sets out the way in which formal registration of students is carried out, together with the necessary data required.

Student Support and Wellbeing provides a range of services to support students in achieving their ambitions. These are underpinned by policies setting out how resources can be accessed and are allocated for students with physical or learning needs.

The Head of Careers and Employability provides a range of support services to students who will be seeking employment during their academic programme and, most importantly, beyond graduation.Careers and Employability is located within the Research and Employer Engagement Office (REEO) to maximise the opportunities for students to gain employment with local, regional and national employers.

The online Student Handbook is a valuable resource for all students and particularly useful if you have recently joined the University. The Handbook is designed to help students find out more about facilities, procedures, policies and sources of help at the University, via a drop-down menu or key words search box.  

Students will also find contact information and links to more detailed information and additional resources here.