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5.6 Policies and Procedures relating to recruitment

5.6.1     Students

The procedures for the recruitment of students are contained within the Academic Board’s Admissions Policy.  This is reviewed periodically to ensure that it supports applicants in selecting the most appropriate academic programme according to their qualifications and employment aspirations.

5.6.2     Staff

The procedure for the recruitment of casual, temporary, fixed term and permanent staff is set out in the Reward Strategy (see Section 5.4.5) and the Guidelines for recruiting staff.

5.6.3     Governors

The Board of Governors comprises 19-25 members. The Vice-Chancellor is an ex officio member and the Students’ Union President is the Student Governor during their term of office. Half or a majority of the Board must comprise Independent Governors and, within this group, the number of Church Independent Governors must be the same as the number of Other Independent Governors. Church Independent Governors are nominated by the Bishop of Chichester on behalf of the Bishop Otter Trust, the founding body of the former Bishop Otter College, Chichester. The remainder are appointed through procedures operated by the University Secretary and overseen by the Governors’ Nominations and Effectiveness Committee.

Advertisements for vacancies on the Board will be placed across a range of media and websites to attract as wide a range of applicants as possible. The University seeks a diverse membership of the Board to reflect the staff and student populations. Applications will be assessed on the criteria for appointment at the time. These will include special areas of expertise which the Board has agreed should be represented through its membership.

These are:

  • Accountancy and Financial Management
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Education, including Schools, Academies, Further Education or Higher Education
  • Estate Management and Development
  • Human Resources
  • ICT Systems and the use of IT to support learning
  • Legal background, for example in Education, Estates Management, Charity and Company Law
  • Marketing, Digital Communications and Public Relations

The Committee will shortlist applicants and invite candidates who meet the criteria for interview. The Committee adopts the same principles of recruitment as those used for staff. As many members of the Committee as are available will join the Interview Panel; candidates who meet the criteria will be recommended to the Board of Governors for appointment. The Board’s decision is final; no information relating to the applicants or candidates will be publicly available. Recommendations to the Board will be a reserved item and remain confidential.

Once an appointment has been approved, the University Secretary will issue a formal Letter of Appointment which is based on the format recommended by the Higgs Report.