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1.2 How the University is organised

1.2 How the University is organised

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the University and responsible for the leadership and day-to-day management of the organisation.

Academic provision is led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability and Enterprise) and the Pro Vice-Chancellor. Professional services are led by the Heads of Professional Services.

This section describes briefly the respective roles of the following:

  • Chief Executive’s Team
  • The Faculty and Academic Departments
  • The Professional Services

1.2.1      Chief Executive’s Team

The University is led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jane Longmore.

The Vice-Chancellor is an ex officio member of the Board of Governors, a member of the Governors’ Nominations and Effectiveness, and Strategy and Resources Committees. She attends, as an officer, the Governors’ Audit Committee and, for matters other than those relating to her personally, the Governors’ Remuneration Committee.

As Chief Executive of the University, Professor Longmore chairs the Chief Executive's Team (known as ChET). This comprises:

  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Catherine Harper (see the Faculty and Academic Departments (section 1.2.2). The DVC is also responsible for Academic Quality and Standards and Student Support and Wellbeing (see sections 1.2.2 and 5.3 respectively).
  • The Chief Executive’s Team’s Director of Strategic Development Romy Jones, is responsible for the development and monitoring of the University’s Strategy (see Section 3) and ensuring the University’s partnerships with key stakeholders are working well through her leadership of the Research and Employer Engagement Office (REEO).
  • To provide a balance of input in the decision-making body which oversees the day-to-day operation of the University, the Director of Strategic Development and the Director of Marketing, Communication and Access attend the weekly meetings of ChET as officers.

The Vice-Chancellor line manages the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability and Enterprise), the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience) and Heads of Professional Services.  

The three members of ChET chair the internal committee structures as shown here. The University Secretary, Sophie Egleton, is Clerk to ChET.

1.2.2      The Faculty and Academic Departments

Professor Catherine Harper


Dr Mike Lauder, Director of Institute of Sport

Dr Jon Spence, Director of the Institute of Education

Katie Akerman, Director of Quality and Standards

Anna O'Neill, Director of Learning and Information Services

Su Longdon, Director of Admission and Academic Registry

Kate O'Reilly, Faculty Manager

Professor Seamus Higson

Dr Andy Dixon, Director of Research

Professor Dave Cooper, Head of Business School

Professor Stuart Harmer, Head of Engineering and Design

Sandra Coley, Head of Employer Engagement

Michael Holley, Head of Creative and Digital Technologies

Dr Mark Mason

Head of Childhood, Social Work and Social Care

Head of Dance

Head of English and Creative Writing

Head of Fine Art

Head of History and Politics

Head of Music

Head of Psychology and Counselling

Head of Theatre

Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Director of Student Support and Transition

Individual webpages for each academic department provide more information on the academic programmes, management, staff and research profile, income generation and events. 

Academic Standards and Quality Assurance

Deputy Vice-Chancellor takes academic leadership responsibility for Quality Assurance.

The Academic Quality and Standards Unit is led by the Director of Quality and Standards: Katie Akerman. The Unit is responsible for internal and external quality assurance arrangements, student appeals and the University’s relationship with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).

Learning and Teaching

Deputy Vice-Chancellor takes academic leadership responsibility for Learning and Teaching.


Dr Andy Dixon, Director of Research, is responsible for the University’s Research Office, which provides the infrastructure for staff research and quality assurance processes for postgraduate research students.

Student Support and Wellbeing        

Dave Corcoran is the Director of Student Support and Transition, this comprises:

  • Careers and Employability
  • Counselling Service
  • Disability and Academic Skills Service
  • Student Health
  • Student Money Advice
  • Support for International Students
  • Volunteering

1.2.3      Professional Services

The Vice-Chancellor line manages the following Professional Services:

Estate Management

Acting Director: John Kingdom - Estate Management comprises:

  • Capital Projects
  • Conference and Business Services
  • Hard Facilities Management
  • Soft Facilities Management
  • Internal Postal Service
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Caretaking
  • Grounds and Gardens
  • Student Residential Accommodation – on and off campus
  • Catering and Cleaning contracts
  • Security

Finance & Performance

Director: Mr Kevin Jones, responsible for:

  • Financial Services
  • Purchase and Sales Ledgers
  • Management Accounts
  • Invoicing and Credit Control

Human Resources

Director: Mrs Elisabeth Whitaker, responsible for:

  •       Human Resources
  •       Staff Development
  •       Equality and Diversity
  •       Occupational Health and Wellbeing
  •       Health, Safety and Sustainability

Planning and Management Information

Head: John Lumley, responsible for:

  • Statistical and Data Returns
  • Data to support future planning

1.2.4      Other Departments

The Vice-Chancellor takes line management responsibility for:

Research and Employer Engagement Office (REEO)   

Mrs Romy Jones, Director of Strategic Development responsible for:

  • Employer Engagement
  • Supporting the Chief Executive’s Team in external relationships

Marketing, Communications and Access                  

Ms Helen Aspell, Director responsible for:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Schools Liaison
  • Widening Participation
  • International Office
  • Corporate Marketing: Digital marketing,  Graphic Design and print 
  • Corporate Events and External Relations
  • Print and Graphic Design
  • Media and Communications

University Secretary

Sophie Egleton reports to the Chair of Governors as:

  • Company Secretary
  • Clerk to the Board of Governors and its Committees      
  • and to the Vice-Chancellor as:            
  • Clerk to the Chief Executive’s Team
  • Clerk to the Academic Board
  • Commissioning for legal advice
Learning and Information Services (LIS)

Director: Anna O’Neill, responsible for;

  • Support and information Zone (SIZ)
  • Learning Resource Centres
  • Libraries and eResources
  • Digital and Information Technology
  • eLearning and Skills
  • Print and Imaging
  • The Otter Gallery