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Foundation Business Management (Worthing College)

The Foundation Degree in Business Management is structured to support you becoming a dynamic and resourceful business professional. 

It provides an inter-disciplinary approach to business that uses the basic business and management strategies and applies them to the 21st Century. 

Focussing on your development needs and skills, it allows you to independently apply these strategies during extensive work-based learning opportunities, leaving you with the confidence to excel in the business world, continue to complete the BA (Hons) in Business Studies at University of Chichester or other qualifying full undergraduate degrees.

Please note, this course is run through Worthing College. 

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Work Placements

The Foundation Degree in Business Management attempts to integrate academic knowledge within the vocational competencies required by the work-place.  The work-place is therefore the focus through which some of the learning experience takes place.  In the first and second year of the programme you will undertake a work-based placement in a local business. 

You will be assigned a mentor from within the organisation in which you are carrying out the work-based learning and they will be involved in assessing your professional ability and competence to undertake your role as a practitioner within the industry. 

This work-based learning opportunity is therefore a fundamental part of the learning experience and it should be viewed as an opportunity for you to gain the essential experience, knowledge and skills that will make you an ‘employable’ professional. 

The work placement will be established and monitored for its effectiveness and your responsiveness to the work place requirements through the services of the college’s Work Store.


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Course content

You will study a range of business and management topics. At Level 4 they provide a solid foundation of business and management acumen, allowing you the opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills to ultimately create an innovative enterprise project at the end of year two.

Please note, this course is run through Worthing College. 

Our facilities

This course will be taught through Worthing College. 

Where this can take you

  • Employment.
  • Progression onto the University of Chichester BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies or other qualifying full undergraduate degrees.

Indicative modules

A range of units are delivered that focus on the key business knowledge and skills required to be successful in the business world.

These include;

  • Developing oneself though ‘Interpersonal and Professional Communications’, ‘Personal Development Planning’ and ‘Leading and Developing Teams’.
  • Developing financial experience through ‘Accounting Skills’ and ‘Managing Financial Resources’
  • Understanding the role of the manager in business through ‘introduction to Management’ and ‘Organisation Development Techniques’.
  • Gaining knowledge of ‘Business Law’, ‘Marketing and Customers’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘Quantitative Methods’ and ‘IT for Business’ enable student to showcase their entrepreneurial skills in the final unit ‘Strategies for Enterprise Creation’.
  • Work-based learning modules feature in both years.

Teaching and assessment

You will be assessed by a variety of methods, including essays, examinations, portfolios, practical assessments, lab reports and individual and group presentations.

Our course includes a mix of assessments, so that you may develop a wide range of transferable skills. Modules are assessed at every stage of the course, offering cumulative assessment of your progress.  You can monitor your own progress, allowing the opportunity to discuss and plan your development with your lecturers throughout the course.  Where appropriate, special arrangements can be made for students with an identified need.

Additional Costs

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