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Professor Fiona Price

Dr Fiona Price, Senior Lecturer in English

Revolutions in Taste 1773 – 1818: Women Writers and the Aesthetics of Romanticism (Ashgate 2009)

“This is an original and fascinating study of important texts by women which will change how they are read. It provides a starting point for discussion of writers who have not received attention, like Harriet and Sophia Lee and Priscilla Wakefield, as well as furthering study of those about whom critical discussion exists, including Clara Reeve and Elizabeth Hamilton.”
Lisa Vargo, University of Saskatchewan, Canada


Jane Porter’s The Scottish Chiefs, ed. Fiona Price (Broadview, 2007)

“Fiona Price’s edition of Jane Porter’s The Scottish Chiefs (1810) confirms its place as a key work in the development of the Romantic novel. In her wide-ranging introduction Price not only explores the novel’s reputation as an influential precursor to Walter Scott’s historical romances, but also establishes its topical force as an eloquent intervention on masculinity, heroism, and patriotism written at the height of the war against Napoleon. Price’s authoritative account of the author’s life and literary network is a valuable contribution to the history of women's writing. The appendices, highlighting Porter’s  editorial supplements, the critical controversy surrounding the novel, and other versions of the legend of William Wallace, provide fascinating insights into print culture and the workings of historical memory.”
Emma Clery, University of Southampton


The Private History of the Court of England (Pickering & Chatto, 2011)