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Planning to study with us in 2018?

Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship in Creative Writing

We are delighted to have been selected by the Charles Wallace India Trust to offer a Writer’s Fellowship.

We have joined an elite group of institutions who cooperate with the Charles Wallace India Trust, to welcome an Indian writer to the UK and provide them with an opportunity to spend time at a British university, devoting themselves to their own writing and contributing to the life of the host institute.

The successful applicant will be based in the English and Creative Writing Department on our Bishop Otter campus for up to three months. The institution has a thriving literary community, with an annual programme of talks by leading writers, editors and agents. Many of its students have gone on to publish their work with leading UK publishers. Its academic staff are highly qualified and experienced individuals, many of whom are practising and published poets, novelists and dramatists.

Who is the fellowship for?

The fellowship is awarded by the University of Chichester and the Charles Wallace India Trust to an individual who:

  • Is an Indian citizen, domiciled and resident;
  • Has completed university-level education in the field of literature and/or has between five and seven years of professional experience;
  • Has a clear proposal stating what they plan to do at the University of Chichester and how they hope to use the experience on their return to India;
  • Has not been given a Charles Wallace India Trust grant within the previous five years.

How do I apply? 

2018 News

Thank you for your interest in the Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship with the English& Creative Writing Department at University of Chichester.

The English & Creative Writing Department will not be hosting a Fellow at Chichester during 2018. However, from September 2018 we will be inviting applications for 2019.

Applications in pdf or word document format should include:

  • a  CV
  • a statement of about two pages describing what you wish to achieve during your stay at Chichester and how this will benefit your work on your return to India
  • two references from referees who know your work well
  • examples of your creative writing (which will not be returned)

Please forward applications via e-mail to Dr Stavroula Varella, Department of English and Creative Writing, University of Chichester, at .

For any other general enquiries, please contact Lorna Sargent, Programme Administrator for Creative Writing, at or

What is its value?

Some of our recent recipients of the Writers Fellowship discuss what their time in Chichester meant to them. 

Shweta Taneja Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2016:

"...What I like most about the Charles Wallace fellowship is that it can take any shape you want to give it, any direction you want it to take. This freedom of choosing, or not choosing, to write, to read and explore, worked quite well for me, someone who plans her book meticulously, with each scene in place and then decides to go into a tangent while writing it..."

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Anupama Chandrasekhar Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2015:

"...I cannot stress enough how much a residency such as this can infuse newness and adventure in one’s writing. It is safe to say, I got my mojo back during mine...."

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Rajat Chadhuri Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2014:

CWIT Creative Writing Fellow (2014) at University of Chichester

"...The Charles Wallace fellowship has not only helped me write the first draft of my novella, it also introduced me to a nation with which we share a complicated and long history. I returned to India in June not only with a rich store of experience but also with a nuanced understanding of England and the English and I guess it will all be reflected in my new book..."

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Pubali Chaudhuri Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2013:

"...The Fellowship is just what the doctor prescribes for writers who are in fear of running around the same mill around their mid career. At least that’s what it was for me… a break from routine, a chance to explore the new and an experience to last much longer than the three months tenure of the Fellowship..."

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Binu Karunakaran Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2012:

"...For someone like me hardwired to a newsroom desk the three months spend at the University of Chichester was nothing short of a blessing. It gave me the time to embark on new projects and to rewrite some of my earlier work - a period of reflection and creative action. May be it helped that Chichester is a place with a writer's sensibilities coded into its genes. Quiet, laid back and inward-looking like a stone in a zen garden..."

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Soumya Bhattacharya, Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow 2011:

"...The Charles Wallace fellowship is a blessing for any Indian writer who is awarded it. It offers, of course, what any writing fellowship ought to: time away from the day job and the daily routine to focus on writing. What makes this particular one special is the University of Chichester and its department of English Literature and Creative Writing, to which the fellow is attached..."

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