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Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving in Action – Embedding the Aims of the Mathematics Curriculum

Premise: If children are taught to think like a mathematician, the results will follow.

Primary Mathematics Conference

Wednesday 28th February 2018


Following our highly successful inaugural Primary Mathematics Conference focusing on Mastery, the Institute of Education Primary Mathematics Team are very pleased to announce another one-day conference for primary practitioners, this one dedicated to embedding fluency, reasoning and problem solving across the primary phase.

The day will include playing around with plenty of practical, classroom-based ideas designed to strengthen our ability to incorporate the three aims in every lesson. The conference will engage with the challenges faced in both planning for and assessing the development of fluency, reasoning skills and problem solving strategies, considering the needs of children of different ages and with a variety of starting points.

Workshops will include investigative activities with fluency in mind; developing fluency through depth not speed; increasing the range of problems we offer to all learners; identifying and assessing progression in mathematical reasoning; strategies for leading change in practice; and planning and organising learning through rich tasks.

We are excited to announce Dr Marcus Witt as the keynote speaker:

£125 per person (Early Bird cost of £95 if you book a place before 20th December). All UniCAT staff benefit from a 10% discount on bookings from December 21st onwards. Non-UniCAT schools can enjoy a 10% discount for each additional colleague from the same school.

If you have any queries about the event please direct them to Sam Parkes at If you would like to attend, please email me at no later than 19.02.18 with your name, School name and contact email address.

We do hope you can join us!            

The event takes place at our Bognor Regis Campus on Wednesday 28th February 2018. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Research-engaged writing

Monday 15th January 9.30-3
Thursday 1st March 9.30-12
Wed 23rd May 9.30-12
Fri 6th July  9.30-12

This course comprises of four sessions spread over the summer and spring terms with a whole day to launch the project in January, followed by three further half days to ensure the project maintains momentum.  It is for teachers or subject leaders who wish to raise the quality of children’s writing in their classrooms.  Participants will consider the research on what the research tells us about the effective teaching and learning of writing.  Participants will then devise their own research projects, enabling them to carry out a small-scale enquiry with an identified group or class of pupils.  Participants will be able to explore and consider their own findings, as well as learning from the findings of the other course members.  Due to the nature of this project, there is space for 12 participants only.

Cost: £315 per person. All CAT staff benefit from a 10%. Non-CAT staff can enjoy a 10% discount for each additional colleague from the same school. We do hope you can join us!

Developing Mathematical Reasoning in KS1

Tuesday 30 January 2018

This one day course will give you the opportunity to explore what mathematical reasoning looks like in a Key Stage One classroom, how we can plan to enable all children to becoming reasoning mathematicians, and how to best support children to use their reasoning skills independently, in real life, the classroom and test situations.

Cost: £150 *costs are reduced by 10% for CAT schools and any delegate in addition to the first from any other school.

If you have any queries about the course please direct them to Sam Parkes at . If you would like to book, please email with your name, school name and contact email address.

Supporting Maths for Teaching Assistants, 4 Sessions 

This course is for Teaching Assistants who support mathematics learning and teaching in the classroom. It will enable you to improve and develop your own Subject Knowledge and confidence in Mathematics. You will also develop a range of strategies to support children in their Mathematics learning, overcome barriers to learning Mathematics, raise attainment for all children and close the attainment gap for children with additional learning needs.

Session 1: Understanding the Place Value System, Tuesday 6 March, 1pm-3pm
Session 2: Mental and written strategies for Addition and Subtraction, Tuesday 13 March, 1pm-3pm
Session 3: Mental and written strategies for Multiplication and Division, Tuesday 20 March, 1pm-3pm
Session 4: Developing the use of number in problem solving contexts, Tuesday 27 March, 1pm-3pm

Cost: £280 (£250 for two persons from the same school)

*costs are reduced by 10% for CAT schools and any delegate in addition to the first from any other school.

If you have any queries about the course please direct them to Sam Parkes at . If you would like to book, please email with your name, school name and contact email address.

Teacher Conversion Course 2018

Tuesday 20th March
Thursday 29th March
Thurs 26th April
Friday 11th May
Tuesday 5th June
Wednesday 20th June
Monday 9th July

The shortage of trained maths and English teachers in British state schools has been of concern to school leaders and parents for some time, and has been reported widely in the media.   Efforts to address this, such as the expansion of the bursary system, have not addressed the issue sufficiently to meet the demand of schools. 

Debbie Hickman (English) and Jeremy Smith (maths), subject coordinators on the university’s PGCE course, are approached all too frequently by schools in search of specialist teachers, commonly at the end of the school year, by which time all trainees have secured posts as NQTs for the following term.

To help support schools to address this shortage, the university has set up a “teacher conversion course”.  This short (seven day) programme is aimed at qualified teachers who have been trained in other subjects, but who have been asked to, or may already, teach in the mathematics or English departments of their schools.  Supporting non-specialists in this way helps to improve the quality of teaching pupils receive, and helps schools in tackling a difficult situation.

The course consists of seven “subject study days” in Bognor Regis, focused on developing pedagogical understanding of a wide range of topics, applied then in the teachers’ own school.  

Cost: £875.00 (£125 per day)

If you are interested in finding out more information about next year’s course, please e-mail Debbie or Jeremy at


Saturday 28th April - NQT Conference
Thursday 24 May - SEND Conference
Wednesday 13 June - MFL Conference

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Teacher Conversion Programme

Subject Specialism: Secondary Maths and English

The 2018 Programme is aimed at the secondary age range. Participants will be qualified teachers who are either seeking a career change (e.g. changing from one subject specialism to English or Maths); or they may be working across two or more departments already. As such the participants may or may not be working in a Maths or English department setting. The programme can also accommodate less experienced/early career teachers who are seeking to enhance their subject knowledge in Science, Maths or English.

The Programme design reflects the feedback of the University tutors and the evaluations from previous participants, plus stakeholder comments:

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience because of its predominantly practical nature, the quality of the tutoring received and the relevance of the strategies and resources that were shared.
Head teacher feedback.

Just fantastic – love going through the process of how to teach a specific skill. Really makes me feel that I can do this!”
Teacher feedback.

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