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Gramarye Journal

Gramarye issue 12 is now available in PDF and Kindle formats from our online store. This issue’s contents include:

  • ‘A Walk through Rackham Land’, Steven O’Brien
  • ‘On Putting Arthur Rackham’s The Sleeping Beauty into Verse’, William Wootten
  • ‘“That was Sussex – seely Sussex for everlastin’!” Arthur Rackham and H.R. Millar’s illustrations to Rudyard Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill’, Simon Poë
  • ‘Dollhouse Architecture: Leonora Carrington and Children’s Literature’, Catriona McAra
  • ‘“Maid Maleen”: A fairy-tale study of trauma’, Katherine Langrish
  • ‘Herne, the Windsor Bogey’, Simon Young
  • ‘A Signing Wife’, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, translated by Simon Hughes
  • ‘My Favourite Story when I was Young’, Diane Purkiss
  • A review of Thom Burgess and Barney Bodoano’s The Eyrie, Emily Jessica Turner
  • A review of Anna Kerchy’s Alice in Transmedia Wonderland, Ida Yoshinaga
  • A review of Carol Mavor’s Aurelia: Art and Literature Through the Mouth of the Fairy Tale, Rose Williamson
  • A review of Gretchen Schultz and Lewis Seifert (eds), Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned: Enchanted Stories from the French Decadent Tradition, Victoria Leslie

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  • Atlantis Books (London)
  • Kims (Chichester)
  • Treadwells (London)


The printed edition of Gramarye is only available to pre-ordering customers and subscribers. Limited numbers of back issues are still available here and you can subscribe to the journal here.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be sent for consideration as Word .doc or .rtf attachment to

Submissions should be accompanied by a separate file with the title, a 100-word abstract and a brief (100 words) biographical note. Relevant colour image files, along with copyright permission, may also be supplied at this stage. Only original articles that are not simultaneously under consideration by another journal will be considered. Unrevised student essays or theses cannot be considered. Send queries to


Submissions must include all quotations, endnotes, and the list of works cited. References should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Permissions for Copyrighted Materials

For contributions that include any copyrighted materials, the author must secure written permission (specifying "non-exclusive world rights and electronic rights") to reproduce them. The author must submit these written permissions with their final manuscript. Permission fees are the responsibility of the author.